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Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Sri Aurobindo observes, Indian civilisation has been the form and expression of a culture as great as any of the historic civilisations of mankind, great in religion, great in philosophy, great in science, great in thought of many kinds, great in literature, art and poetry, great in the organisation of society and politics, great in craft and trade and commerce.

SAFIC strives to rediscover this truth and genius of Indian culture and how it can be applied dynamically to life and all its activities. It aspires to evoke among the youth, a great love for India, pride in its heritage and an aspiration and will to create an even greater future.

Sanskrit has been the language of India’s very soul, the language through which India has expressed herself in every field through the ages. If India is to rise again, Sanskrit must play its true role in education and in national life. One of the most ancient, most perfect and most beautiful of languages, Sanskrit has much to give, not only to India but to the whole world. SAFIC has taken up projects on several aspects of Sanskrit in the context of Indian culture and on popularising spoken Sanskrit.

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SAFIC produces inspiring books and audio-visuals on various aspects of Indian culture, revealing their deeper spiritual dimensions and relevance to modern times. It seeks to create new forms of philosophy, literature, art, science, dance, architecture, mathematics, etc., based on a synthesis of the East and West.

Some of the projects undertaken by SAFIC are:

  • Radio Divyavani is a 24-hour online Sanskrit Radio that was started on August 15, 2013 with the aim of taking Sanskrit to all as a living language. The first of its kind in the world, Radio Divyavani globally broadcasts a variety of programmes in Sanskrit – talks, interviews, poem recitations, songs of various types, shlokas and mantras, jokes, stories and nursery rhymes for children, reports of various programmes and so on. 
  • A website of the Bhagavad Gita ( has been jointly produced by the Sri Aurobindo Society and Vande Mataram Library Trust (VMLT). Mobile Apps have been developed containing the entire content and is available for download in iOS and Android.
  • A website on The Vedas – dedicated to the study of these ancient Indian scriptures, Rig Veda in particular, in the light of Sri Aurobindo. It presents not only 1,028 sūktas and 10,580 mantras of the Rig Veda, but also several helpful resources to go deeper into the study of Vedic symbolism.
  • The Mother’s Glow – is a website on Prenatal Education and Conscious Parenting in the light of the integral vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Interested learners will also find here a variety of insights available from ancient Indian texts, scriptures, and traditions as well as contemporary sources.
  • ‘Renaissance: The Revival of Indian Culture’ – is a monthly e-journal that aims to highlight numerous forms in which the eternal spirit of India is being reborn and renewed. Renaissance will feature inspiring articles, videos, essays, stories, reflections and accounts of India and her creative genius manifesting in various domains – spiritual, artistic, literary, philosophic, scientific, aesthetic.
  • A website on Upanishads ( has been jointly produced by the Sri Aurobindo Society and Vande Mataram Library Trust (VMLT). Mobile Apps have been developed containing the entire content and is available for download in iOS and Android.
  • A website has been created for Samskrita Bala-Sahitya Parishad ( It is a unique initiative established as a part of SAFIC’s ‘Sanskrit for Children’ project. The Parishad focuses on all possible activities related to creation, evaluation, preservation and propagation of qualitative children’s literature in Sanskrit. 
  • Over the past years, SAFIC has conducted intensive study camps and workshops that cater towards learning the Sanskrit language as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of the Indian scriptures. 
  • Besides the above-mentioned activities, SAFIC also organizes exhibitions, seminars, special lectures, cultural programs as well as orientation and training programmes. 
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