Darshan Card - February 21, 2020

On 21st February 2020, we celebrate the Birth Anniversary of the Mother.  A card with a  very beautiful message of the Mother on how we should live and what we should do when we have some time, was distributed in the Ashram on this occasion.

“When you have nothing to do, you become restless, you run about, you meet friends, you take a walk, to speak only of the best; I am not referring to things that are obviously not to be done.  Instead of that, sit down quietly before the sky, before the sea or under trees, whatever is possible… and try to realise one of these things – to understand why you live, to learn how you must live, to ponder over what you want to do and what should be done, what is the best way of escaping from the ignorance and falsehood and pain in which you live.”

                                                                                                                                                     The Mother

You can download, for the purpose of printing, the foldable original Card here (PDF, 336 KB). For viewing, click here.